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LOST- Man I miss that one...

Curb- Which could be the most like real life TV show I've ever watched. It's uncanny. Some days I swear I'm Larry David.

Freaks and Geeks- Like going back in a time machine just for the laughs. Years since I watched it, but have no doubt I'll go back at some juncture.

Psych- My top show right now, but I'm all for obscure 80's references, and the dialog between Shaun and Gus is TV gold.

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Rome, Carnivale

no payoff. two frustrating programs.

but, you said you loved rome. carnivale would have been AMAZING had HBO continued the 6 season run as planned.

oh i liked very it much. just frustrated how it ended.

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I never usually watch most TV series and deride all my mates who say idiotic things like how 24 and House are the greatest artistic achievements of all time (well, I am paraphrasing but the way they go on about them....)

However in the last month I have watched all of The Wire. I genuinely did not realise TV could be that good.

Reckon I may give The Sopranos a go if I find the time, as I never really got into it and a friend of mine told me it is the only show he has seen with such quality and depth and I do not think I have ever heard a bad word about it.

If you have never seen or heard of Chris Morris I recommend everything he has done. It is all literally perfect. He made that film Four Lions that came out last year (I think) which was very good.

I can not recommend BrassEye or The Day Today high enough (the latter featuring Alan Partridge too, another incredibly good comedy.) Although I imagine Coogan and Morris may solely be very British tastes.

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Guest Sleeping Like An Angel

Has Cold Case been mentioned? I love that show I'm watching a series I had missed before at the moment. Love it!

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