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Is Brain in or out of GN'R ?


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From my interview with Brian, published on July 2010:

-You told me in 2009 that you would tour with Guns N' Roses on the upcoming tour, you would play the new songs, and Frank Ferrer would play the old songs. How was that decided and why didn't it happen?

Brian: I guess they couldn't pull it!

-Are you out of the band? If so, did you get any official confirmation? Give us details about that.

Brian: i'm out of the currant touring band. i hope i can still be a part of the recordings!!!

-In February 28, 2009, when asked if you were still in the band, Axl said "Last I checked. Brain works on several things with Guns either from his home or in the studio." How does that work?

Brian: i'm doing some top secret shit right now!!!!!!!!

-Did you rehearsaled with the band on 2009?

Brian: no i didn't rehearse

-When did you last wrote or recorded something to Guns N' Roses?

Brian: Been doing some cool re-mixes for guns!!! That shit is sick!!! It's gonna rip peoples faces off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It begs the question: why has Axl given Brain the job of remixing ? - he is after-all, a drummer ?

If anyone was going to be given the job of remixing, you'd have thought Pittman would have been first choice ?

..and what's which Guns N'Roses and remixes ?

Is Axl attempting to be like Trent of NIN. As NIN are know for their remix albums.

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