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The Gear Thread

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Just received my DBZ Bolero Calavera !

She looks like this :



And the pickups are great, very Slash like...

Here is a sample I've just recorded 20 minutes after playing it for the first time :) Needs more tweaking but sounds great already, what say you ?


Neat guitar, has a hard rock vibe with the skull and all lol. Good sound.

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Here's a demo of the new Zephyr Silvers (Finally):

Skip to 7:00

Honestly, I can see a difference here, but a 9:35 that just covers the sound of the single coil with some lame blues licks... that's bullshit.

They should try putting some effects next time, I would love to hear some flanger or chorus verses from it.

And, of course, there's an old PGS demo I forgot to upload here:

The humbucker set costs around $1200,00...

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Aaand here's another one:

With another 9+min demo, did you really think they would go and try something more complex than bluesy stuff?


According to Falbo himself, their custom shop will build you whatever you want. I wanted to see an 8 string ZS humbucker.

What do you guys think? Are they really worth it?

I'm gonna stick to my DD + Jazz set.

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I still need to get pictures of my gear! Here's an updated list:


Epiphone Slash Appetite Les Paul

Epiphone Ace Frehley Signature Les Paul

Brian May Red Special

Peavey EVH Wolfgang


Digitech Whammy

MXR Dyna Comp

MXR EVH Phase 90

Boss DD-3 Delay

Boss CH-1 Super Chorus

Dunlop Slash Wah

Boss TU-2 Floor Tuner

Digitech Brian May Red Special

The Red Special pedal isn't on my board because for one it doesn't fit, and the second is because the power supply is dead and the built-in supply on the board can't handle it. I've yet to get around to getting a new power supply. I don't have much need for it though so there's no rush. It was the first pedal I ever got and it really is amazing. Great for recording especially, the tones are as close as you'll get. Of course, now I have the guitar so it's not such a big deal that I can't use the pedal.


Marshall JCM TSL 100

Marshall 1960A Cabinet

I had it re-tubed when a tube blew a month or so ago but already I'm having problems with it again. Lots of crackling and overheating. It seems to be a common problem with the TSL series (as I've read) so I might look into trying to find either an old JCM 800 or something else entirely. The 5150 has always intrigued me, but we'll see.

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Marshall Jcm 2000 TSL 100 + Marshall M412A speaker

Ibanez Icemen (Ict700)

Ibanez Jet King v2

Ibanez V72 black

Sx Les Paul

Stagg Stratocaster

Number one stratocaster (sold away)

Hendrickson Flying V (Sold Away)

Fender Acoustic

Gibson Acoustic

Jackson Ke3 pro

Bc Rich Bich

Epiphone Les Paul Bullseye (Zakk Wylde)

Fender Usa Telecaster

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That's an awesome collection, Janus. the ZW Les Paul looks awesome, loved the neck finish, I can see the grains and its scarf joint from here.

BTW, Paul, the 5150 is an awesome amp, but are you looking for old Peavey 5150 or the new EVH 5150? Eddie took the name with him. There's also the 6505, which is an updated version of the 5150, it has some more tubes, if I'm not mistaken.

Digitech just released two interesting apps for the Iphone, an app version of their Hardwire HT-6 pedal and this:

Nice, but they desperately need an expression Istomp too.

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BTW, Paul, the 5150 is an awesome amp, but are you looking for old Peavey 5150 or the new EVH 5150? Eddie took the name with him. There's also the 6505, which is an updated version of the 5150, it has some more tubes, if I'm not mistaken.

I've played both the Peavey 5150 and the 6505 but the 6505 is definitely a bit too much for me. Great sounding amp though, just not my thing. After playing it I recommended it to a friend because it seemed like the tone he was going for and sure enough, he fell in love and bought it on the spot. There's also the new 6534 which, according to reviews, has more balls than the 6505 but I haven't tried it out.

I hear good things about the new EVH 5150 and they just released a 50-watt version which I'm dying to try out. My local music store had one in stock but it sold before I got a chance to try it, so I'm just waiting for another. There's some comparison videos on YouTube comparing both the Peavey and EVH models, but I suppose a YouTube video isn't the best to judge by. :lol:

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I have just a X-Vamp for some chorus, flanger, delay and whammy, and real stomps Marshall Jackhammer, Danelectro T-Bone and Dunlop Cry-Baby. My only guitar is an old Epiphone Les Paul Studio with original humbuckers. Saddly, no amp anymore.

But really all Ive been using iRig to connect my guitar to an iPad 2 using the Garageband app. Sounds good enough, but i'll buy the Amplitube app because it sounds better and more diversed. You can check out my signature for Crash Diet using this rig.

I didnt like this Digitech iStomp, tho. Sounds like you need to pay for each additional stomps. Its cheaper to just buy something like the V-amp, I guess.

Here's Robin's gear:

With Gn'R:


Discumbobulator... :laugh:

With NIN:



Hey, Rob. Miss you, man :(

Really cool stuff, thanks!

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I finally figured out my amp problem. I was an idiot and didn't realize the Slash Wah needed an 18 volt adapter (should have been obvious considering it takes two 9 volt batteries to power the damn thing). The built-in power supply on my board can only handle 9 volt pedals so it looks like I'll be investing in the Dunlop Power Brick very shortly! I figure rather than just buy an 18 volt adapter I might as well get something that can do it all and just make a new board. I'm running out of room on this one anyways.

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I tried out the new EVH 5150 50 Watt head last week. Great head at a good price. The size is probably the coolest thing about it. It'd be nice to only take that to gigs. I really thought it'd lack the balls of the 100 watt version but I was impressed. It's pretty versatile too. I think it has a bit more punch than the original Peavey 5150. The only disappointment is that Channels 1 and 2 share the same EQ when really it should be channels 2 and 3 sharing the EQ, if anything. I almost would have got it but they only had the black in stock. I want the white one. ;)

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Killer Bigsby tremolo.

Agreed. Those are some sweet looking guitars! :thumbsup:

I just picked up the MXR Smart Gate yesterday. What a great suppressor pedal. It's as simple as it needs to be - three settings, one dial. The best part - it works great, and it doesn't seem to hurt my tone much (if at all).

I've already made my new pedalboard (I went with a Pedaltrain board and the DC Brick for power) and ordered the EVH Flanger the other day to finish it off. I'll post pictures once it's done!

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