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Axl Rose-The Prettiest Star


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Has anyone seen this? I got it off Netflix, and besides there being no music from GNR, there was alot of good insider stuff from back in the day. Had the original guitarist from A.X.L. talking abou thow he met axl, and had some interesting info, like during the illusions they would all be in a fancy hotel, and axl was on a totally different floor then the rest of the band, and if say slash wanted to talk to axl, he would hav eto see axls assistant just to contact Axl. Now everyone says, see axl is a fucking asshole, he may, but i always wondering if axl did shit like that to seperate himself from drugs and alcohol, i mean we know Slash did alot of Heroin and Duff was a major alcoholic, so i really think that had a factor. I really recommend this DVD.

Here is what the disc looked like


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I've seen in and it's crap. You listen to Vicky Hamilton And Tracy guns talk about stuff.

Well ya those 2 were lame, but there was some interesting stuff though, i didnt say it was the best dvd ever, and the non gnr music was just awful...also, i found interesting their input on CD, since it wasnt out yet they were making speculations of what it would be, if there really was a Chinese Democracy CD.

I think it was to keep himself away from drugs and alcohol. It is an easy trap to get caught in.

I also think thats why he disappeared shortly after that, sometimes thats the only way people can get sober.

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The title of the movie says it all. It's a load of crap. 'Prettiest' star? WTF? That makes Axl sound like a ballet dancer.

I thought the same thing, the title is gay as hell. But, if you waste your time on these boards daily, then its worth an hour of your time lol

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It wasnt to stay away from drugs and alcohol. He clearly just can not interact with people, notice how he disappeared from the face of the planet for most of the last 10 years?

Some people have to disappear to get away from that shit or they will end up dead, especially being a millionaire. For what its worth, im glad axl took the time off since he is giving us live shows and music now.

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