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New AC/DC DVD/Blu-Ray [Live At River Plate]


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As AC/DC was playing one single concert at Brazil, the tickets sold out in one night, so I didn't manage to get one. The Ticketmaster website was slow as hell...

So I bought for the 3rd night at River. Can you believe that tickets + airplane tickets were cheaper than the tickets in Brazil? Of course, with the hotel cost and other stuff, it was more expensive, but I ended up getting to know Buenos Aires, which is the most beatiful city I've ever been to.

As for the concert, it was my first big concert, before that I've only been to Scorpions and Riders On The Storm (The Doors official tribute), at it was on my town on a 1000 people venue. And then, AC/DC at the River Plate Stadium for 70,000.

I didn't know what to do there. I got a really, really good spot, but I hadn't eat much, nor drank much. When the 1st opening act played, they booed a lot. And then the 2nd one came, and I already felt the argentinan crowd, the famous argentinan crowd. And then, AC/DC was about to come in. I felt something in my back, someone was pushing me, and I was going to turn back and ask the person to stop, but then I saw that the person behind me was also being pushed. I look far behind him, and saw the argentinans taking some step back and running into the crowd in front of them. I was being smashed, literally being smashed. One of my foot was on a persons foot, and the other one on someone's leg. So I lay my head on the back of the person in front of me and waited for the concert.

And then it started... I didn't have to move, the crowd was moving me, and that is an awesome thing. It happens at all concerts, but there it was much more intense and insane. And at one point, the laces of my shoes untied, and I had to tie them, otherwise I would fall and die. But to tie them, I would have to turn down, and then I thought I was really going to die! But well, I turned down, and the people around me made a circle to protect me, and I didn't even know them. When I finished, I got up, and everyone was like if anything had happened. I saw that happening a few times, and that is awesome! Everyone is there, crazy, but also taking care of the other one.

So in the middle of the concert, with the hungriness, thirst and the weed smoke, I started to feel bad. I had to go to the ambulatory. I drank some water and got back, all new. But I missed Hells Bells... When I noticed Brian was jumping on the bell, I tried to run, but the lady at the ambulatory made me stay. I was angry with her, but she did the right thing. If I had gone there, I would have to come back a few minutes later feeling probably worse.

It was awesome. Just... awesome.

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