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After nearly a decade of periodic and totally crappy concert tours, in the fall of 2008, “Guns N’ Roses” finally released the perennially-delayed Chinese Democracy, which to many fans was an even bigger let-down than senior prom.
Axl Rose is currently feuding with no fewer than a dozen people, including, but not limited to: Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe, Kurt Cobain (even though he’s no longer alive), David Geffen, Slash, Tommy Hilfiger (for some reason), Jon Bon Jovi, and every band that’s ever opened for him


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He still remains friends with ex-Skid Row front man Sebastian Bach, however. It’s a pretty good bet the two of them hang together in a room where all the calendars are frozen to the year 1989

I laughed so hard at that line.

That was proper funny! :D


They should really update the page with the Axl vs Activision case, over Slash appearing on screen while Welcome to the Jungle plays. Axl see that's as 20 million worth of damages :D

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