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What is your favorite version of....


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Sweet Child O' Mine:

1987.10.08 Hammersmith Odeon, London, England - Izzy was one fire here :D

Don't Cry:

1988.01.31 The Limelight, New York, NY - sounds really heart-breaking

You're Crazy:

1988.12.10 Budokan, Tokyo, Japan - when I was younger, I knew a motherfucker like you, and she said... :P

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Can't be sure, but some say this is the "third" version:


Damn, the drumming for that was awful... Everything else was great though.

I have this version in better quality and I really like it (including drumming) :P

I think this is the same version

Best Don't Cry version?

Tokyo '92 IMO

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The most offensive part about the BD soundtrack version is the horrible editing. And Axl is singing with the old man Madagascar voice that doesn't fit the song at all, but the last third of the song is pretty awesome.

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Hmm, You're Crazy from Live Era or L'ARC acoustic show 2010, that was pretty amazing.

Sweet Child from Appetite or performed by the original line up, I won't be jumping on the bandwaggon for the new Guns' version (even though I did back in the days.)

Don't Cry from UYI or live from Tokyo.

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The second half in particular of this Don't Cry is phenomenal. Always been my favourite version. It is one of Axls greatest vocals ever in my opinion. Various friends of mine have always been a little surprised in this (similarly with KOHD from 02) at hearing him sing from the off in what they called 'a human voice for once'.

You're Crazy as others have said, The Late Show version is incredible.

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