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Sebastian Bach: asshole tool or whiney brat?


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i love Baz, some great tunes with Skid Row, Angel Down had a few good tracks, saw him open with GNR, and i love laughing at him when he acts like a kid.

all in all, he sounds like a fuck here



@EddieTrunk ya but you mention their piece of crap albums without me & not mine. Not fair dude especially due to the title of the book. 42 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to EddieTrunk

@sebastianbach because the chapter is about Skid Row, not Bach solo. From the guy who played Angel Down more than anyone else on radio! about 1 hour ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to sebastianbach

@EddieTrunk u also have a skewed view of the original band. Have always had 100% say on every single song I ever sang. Never "wanted more say" 39 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to EddieTrunk

@sebastianbach including the entire CD start to finish track by track when it was 1st released! about 1 hour ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to sebastianbach

@EddieTrunk thAnks, but in your book it does not exist. Too bad it doesn't qualify as 'essential' . Like their shit without me does? 38 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to EddieTrunk

@sebastianbach can't ever win. I give up.... about 1 hour ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to sebastianbach

Eddie, you are correct, you cannot win with this clown. Clearly some others in his life from professional to private figured this out over the years. Some over a decade ago, some more recent.

@sebastianbach once again the chapter is on the band Skid Row, whatever form and lineup and whatever I think of the music in my book! about 1 hour ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to sebastianbach

Then EDDIE tweets: Funny how all the positives I say about Bas are not mentioned ever or how I played every single solo thing he did ever! 44 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

@EddieTrunk There would not be a chapter on the band Skid Row if I never joined the band. You know it. The word 'Essential' merits a mention of 'Angel Down' if you are talking about me, or putting my pictures in your book. The fact that you mention their embarrassing releases without me, next to my pictures, without mentioning the *very well received* 'Angel Down', is misleading to the reader, as well as negating the title of your book.

@EddieTrunk dude u win with my old band one hundred percent every time. U win talking about the old days, retro, back in the day stuff. If you would use your power & influence to embrace whats happening Now, it would be frightening. You could keep Metal going with the same momentum it used to have singlehandedly if you chose to do so. BTW 'angel down' kicks 'subhuman race' in the ass & u are the only person who won't admit it. I love you as a buddy but it's time to get over 1991. The last sentence "it's time to get the band back together" is just painful, it's so far from any sense of reality. - via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Sebastian, since your SO into embracing the NOW, why don't you drop all the SKID ROW hits (that Rachel & Snake wrote) from your set and see how your crowd enjoys your current music.

Eddie Trunk = Winning!

Metal Sludge

Sludge Down

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Baz does have a point. Skid Row's 'Revolution's Per Minute' is a steaming pile of crap. I liked one song off it. But their other album without him 'Thickskin' is actually a pretty good album once you look past the Skid Row name. Angel Down was alright. I'd put it on the same level as 'Thickskin'. So it would have seemed fair to mention (if not Angel Down, at least) Baz's solo career. Even in passing.

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American Metalhead is awesome.

Well it's not really, is it?

When he did it live in 2006 I really liked it. When the album came out I thought what a load of shit.

For me on Angel Down, the good tracks are Back In The Saddle, Love Is A Bitchslap, Falling Into You, By Your Side, Live and Die, You Don't Understand and whatever that one is with the Iron Maiden intro.

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I'm not a BIG fan of his music but he is a cool guy. He is also a great performer and a crowd pleaser.

I remember last year when guns and bach came to Montevideo, I met a guy outside the hotel they were staying. He told me that before going to the hotel he was doing some exercise and running around the seaside road. It was at night and he suddenly sees Sebastian Bach running and doing some exercise by himself. He started chatting a little bit and adviced him to turn around because it was a dangerous area that he was heading to near the harbor. And Sebastian said to him 'I dont care, I will kick the shit out of them' and continues running towards that area. I thought it was badass.

I managed to Bach in the hotel, nice guy, I took a couple of photographs with him.

Also, chatted for like half an hour with Johnny Chromatic, one of his guitar players. Talked about being a musician, doing tours, travel to different countries and stuff. At the end I asked him 'Will you play In my darkest hour?' (I fucked up and confused it with 'In a darkened room') and he gives me a weird face and tells me 'hey, thats a megadeth song!' and everyone laughed hehehe.

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