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New GnR Cover by Halestorm


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Ok so can chicks sing rock, didn't someone ask that recently? Here ya go! This was just released as an EP, just some fun before they record Atlantic's full record #2, and of all songs to cover! Gotta raise a glass just based on not doing what one would expect.

There's 6 tunes on it, somehow gaga got in, but here's the one I'm most impressed with. Beatles cover of "I Want You-She's So Heavy". Listen to the end, she's going insaaaaane!. Love this one.

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Halestorm just released an EP of six cover songs, including their version of the classic 'Out Ta Get Me'. I'm assuming they got Axl's approval? :unsure:

Lzzy Hale, the lead singer, has a great set of pipes and sings the song with great passion. Link:

Be sure to check out their covers of Skid Row's 'Slave To The Grind' and Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance'. Not a big fan of their cover of Temple of the Dog's 'Hunger Strike' tho.

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It's an extremely good cover.

BUT, when I heard it, something didn't feel right. It was like "wow a guy can sing this good, but he doesn't seem to have the chops" and indeed... it's a girl singing. I'm not macho or anything, but the way the lyrics were sung didn't feel real, it's like it's too perfect, but it's not honest. To sum up, it's a girl's job, I find that very often they do a better job than men concerning the appearance and shape of something, but underneath, if it's something about the rage, it's not believable. Girls don't have that in them, and I'm fine with it, they have a lot of things men don't have.

Fergie singing Sweet child is the same problem... but sweet child is a love song, so it's more believable. This out ta get me version sounded great, but while listening to it, i was like "this person doesn't get the rage of the song", and I was correct, look at how cut this lzzy girl is. Nice try though. :)

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Haha, I didn't even notice it was a woman singing at first. But she did it damn well. Really great song, but the cover was maybe a bit too close to the original. I mean she didn't have to do the "let me se you try" and "take that one to heart" and everything. Anyways, such an underrated song. One of my favorites on AFD, great to see it get some love.

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Somehow it feels a bit too precise

Agree with this. Even from the intro guitar it just sounds a little too clean. Like it is lacking something. Not something I can musically quantify but that is half the magic of AFD I guess.

It is a good cover though, she does have a wicked voice. Never heard them before.

I just guess much of the time when a song I love gets covered unless it is a complete reworking I just end up noticing what it doesn't have that the original does.

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Halestorm just released an EP of six cover songs, including their version of the classic 'Out Ta Get Me'.

Yes, really, wow! I was happy to see they moved my post, 2 hours earlier than yours, to the main board. I didn't think it belonged in the main section, then I saw it was yours! I posted the Beatles cover as well, good stuff.


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