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The MyGnR Simpsons Thread

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Burns: Why is that man wearing pink? Smithers, who is that?

Smithers: Homer Simpson, one of your boobs from sector 7-G.

Burns: Simpson, eh? Judging from his attire, he must be some kind of free-thinking anarchist.

Smithers: I'll alert security.

Burns: Excellent! These color monitors are already paying for themselves.

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Guest gunns5

anyone have a clip of that episode where the house falls in love with marge, and has that english accent?

i think it was to do with house security or something

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Most boring and overrated show of all time.

Blows me away that adults like a show that is as predictable as the Simpons. You know what every joke is going to be 15 minutes before it happens. Simpsons are made for the guy who blurts out the obvious during movies....about 10 minutes AFTER everybody else in the theatre already figured it out.

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