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Some good 70s funk and soul recommendations?

Count Drugcula

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Guest Len B'stard

Uncle Jam Wants You - Parliment

Curtis - Curtis Mayfield

Live at the Apollo Vol III - James Brown

There's a Riot Going On - Sly & the Family Stone

Pretty much anything Marvin Gaye ever committed to record

Come Get It - Rick James (although he's more 80s)

Al Greens another good one

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Tower Of Power. Less "commercial" soul (a la EWF, Parliament, etc.), more horn driven soul. Kind of like a less-white Chicago. Their strongest songwriting came from the mid 70's period; the albums Tower Of Power, Back To Oakland, Urban Renewal, In The Slot are some of the tightest-sounding soul albums of all time. However, the band is their best performance-wise with their current singer, Larry Braggs. If you like 60's soul, check out their latest album The Great American Soulbook. It's all covers of soul standards from James Brown, Otis Redding, Sam & Dave, etc. (And most of them are admittedly better than the originals).

I can't recommend this band highly enough. They've got a great songwriting pair in Emilio Castillo/Doc Kupka, and the horn section is hands down the best in the world. If you ever get a chance to catch them live, do so. They regularly do double headers, in which they'll do 2 separate shows, and no repeat songs between the 2 sets. At best, I've seen them do 41 different songs in a single night, for less than $50.

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