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I thought there was a thread,can't find it...anyhoo



Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan and Black Sabbath axeman Tony Iommi have formed a supergroup with bassist Jason Newsted (Metallica), keyboard player Jon Lord (Deep Purple, Whitesnake), drummer Nicko McBain (Iron Maiden) and Linde Lindstrom (HIM).

This is according to music-news.com. The hard rock stars are calling themselves WhoCares and have come together to show that they do, and record a single, Out of My Mind/Holy Water, which will benefit the rebuilding of a music school in Gyumri, Armenia which was destroyed by an earthquake back in 1988. The single will be released May 6. Gillan and Iommi were part of a fundraising effort in 1989 called Rock Aid Armenia that released an album and a cover version of Smoke on the Water.

Gillan and Iommi have been awarded the Armenian Medal of Honor for their work. Iommi said in a statement "Some twenty years ago when the call came, I thought, well at least I've helped but it was going to Armenia and seeing the actual devastation caused by the earthquake that really made me realize that funds were still needed. Despite all the money that was raised last time, here was a music school doing their best, forgotten, in basic tin sheds. After the warmth and honor bestowed upon us during our visit, we just had to help make a difference and get the school re-built. And what better way than to hook up with some of rock's greatest players and my old mate Ian, both an honor and a pleasure."

Gillan added "The idea came as Tony and I flew back from Yerevan together after being inspired by the enthusiasm of everyone there to get this thing done. It was brilliant working with Tony again after all these years; he makes life easy for a singer. The other guys need no introduction do they."

Music-news.com says the new tracks will be released via digital sources as well as on CD with a 40-minute documentary on the musicians' involvement with Armenia. A 7" vinyl version, limited to 1,000 copies, will also be released.

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Are these supergroups ever very good? The only one I can think of that I actually cared for was Velvet Revolver, that was nothing but watered down GNR with Scott Weiland singing.

I believe this one is going to be more than just very good. :D

Ian, Lord and Tony? Jason and Nicko McBrain? Fuck yeah! :thumbsup:

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Did they name the band after thinking what people will say about who the other guitarist is?

Indeed, everybody else in the whole band its like HOLY SHIT!!! HES IN THERE!?!??! WHOA THIS IS GONNA BE SO AWESOME!!!!!!

some guy from the band H.I.M !

........ what a fuckings elephant in a small room! what a black fly on a white wall! what a shitty band grouped with a bunch of awesome bands!

liam lindstrom?

Who Cares?

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