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MYGNRFORUM *not* closing


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The question is: "Where do we go now...?"

MyGnR was the best place for true GnR Fans! I've been surfing this page since 2002.. HTGTH sucks ... where do I see some of you people again? Chinesedemocracy.com?

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I'm sitting here at Malaysia airport with 8% battery on my

phone but thought it wouldn't be right if I didn't make one last post. I visited this forum every day since about early 2007(even though I registered later), I visitied it so much that it was always in my 'most visited' tabs on firefox, there will definitely be a void now, not sure if I will frequent the other gnr forums. Special shout out to gunns5 and thinkaboutyou and the moderator team. The forum will be missed. Thanks for the memories.

To Axl and management, get your act together, you might have some crazy fans, but any other band's fans would have ditched your ass 8 years ago if they were given the same treatment.

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Oh my god.. this was the only GNR forum I wanted to visit, the others sucked big time.

Anyways.. thank you for years of GNR news! I really liked this board and seeing what others think about stuff.

But I understand your decision.

I give my best regards to everyone here! Cheers from Holland.

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So, obviously this is bad news and all for us fans - I've been a supporter coming to this website for a long time (since 03) - but I'm now confused about two things:

1) Why the fucking hell are you guys (Eric and Highvoltage) thanking Madison now after you both turned against her a year ago?

2) Why do you think it should be Axl's or the band's responsibility to pay for the server fees to keep this place up and running?

Firstly, a year ago, Eric and the rest of the mod team we're busy justifying giving Madison the boot and patting themselves on the back for attempting to get on the band's good side. Now all of a sudden because the band won't pay for the server fees you're all about how the band is "not so great [at] marketing," and you're back to thanking Madison for all the help she was? Give me a break.

Even though Axl didn't like Madison maybe had you guys not shown her the door she could have covered some of these increased fees? She was after all an Admin here…

Secondly, why wouldn't you expect threatening letters from GN'R legal team? This place was a hotbed for leaks back in '06, and they know it. A formal cease and desist letter isn't anything personal against the forum, it's just business…a business that could be severely damaged by leaked intellectual property. If I were in GN'R's camp this would definitely be a place I'd send a cease and desist letter to if potentially harmful material was about to be leaked.

And if GN'R didn't care about the forum then why did Axl, Bumble, DJ, Fernando, etc. come on here and chat on occasion with us fans?

And thirdly, why on earth would anyone here think it's GN'R's responsibility to pay for this forum? Eric, when you started this forum back in 2001 did you or anyone else here expect for the band to someday come and take it off your hands? You started this as a fan. It's never been anyone's responsibility but yours.

You can claim that GN'R is bad at marketing all you want, but the fact of the matter is, they do things their way and always have. Obviously your little forum didn't fit into their vision. After all, 30, 000 something forum members is quite insignificant when compared to the total GN'R fanbase; and might I add, that these 30, 000 something forum members have never done anything but bitch and moan. So why would Axl want to take this place over?

Let's not pretend this forum closure is something it's not. Reality is it's expensive keeping this place running. Fine, and understandable. But let's not play both sides of the fence here -- first by reducing Madison to nothing to appease the band, and then applauding her and condemning the band when things don't go your way.

Agreed 100%. Sorry, but this is the truth. It would've been a nice gesture, but GN'R had no obligation to financially support this place.


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this sucks!

i check this site like 10 times a day...

still remember like it was yesterday when "better" leaked, the discussions here.

or when axl came to chat.

or the NYC show back in 06.

or the eddie trunk interview.

i truly mean it when i say i will never forget this forum!

long live mygnrforum!


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Woah, no!!! This can't be real?

This was the best forum I've ever visited, I've spent countless hours, days, weeks, months on here... This is so sad...

Thanks to everyone who made this forum the best forum ever! Thank you, Eric for providing the place!

This is a real shock to me, honestly.

Is there another place we can go to now?

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what the fuck.

this is ridiculous. ive been a long time lerker and then decided to join when the axl chats were going on. i cant understand this at all, GNR was like no other band and thats was one of the most interesting aspects of them, but this is fucking stupid, gnr fans put up with so much shit after shit. and still get treated like shit.

thank you to all those who were the ones who made me come here and check this great site 10 times a day waiting for news or anything at all. i had the chance to see gnr in 07 at sydney and it was the greatest night of my life. absolutley amazing, being 14 or 15 at the time,one of the youngest at that concert and it being my first it was just a fucking awesome.

i just think its such a fucking shame this band cant see to operate normally..id buy the shit outta anything GNR, and for a new album which doesn't seem likely would be unreal.

thank you guys, you's are awesome..even people like sunnydre..haha


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