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school music youngsters covering YCBM


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A group of children recorded a cover of Guns N Roses (video)

Published: April 16, 2011 by Buvnitz


Remember the group of students from school music Aaron O'Keefe? Those who have recorded cover kid's Down, Pantera and AC / DC? Here comes the same students is this time a famous cover of You Could Be Mine, Guns N Roses signed.

Professor O'Keefe said: 'guitars were recorded with a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier and a Marshall head. Shawnee of 4x12 cabinets have been taken with a set of microphones Royers. "

'I tried to play after mixing the original version. The effects and the volumes are just like the original. "

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Read: Tom Cruise takes singing lessons from his teacher Axl Rose


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This cover is absolutely stellar. The female vocalist and drummer completely nail the song. Her phrasing is just dead-on. In addition to that, I completely enjoy the 'clean' vocal approach. To hear people try to imitate Axl's voice is completely annoying (imo) as there isn't a single person in this planet who could perfectly replicate his voice...so, why even bother?

This is a fantastic effort.

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