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Chinese Democracy vs Ain't Life Grand



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Hard choice. Voted null since Ain't Life Grand isn't as good as It's 5 O'clock Somewhere, and although sounding more natural and organic then CD, the songs are not as good.

CD sounds like an unnatural machine with no soul whatsoever, and its why i find myself listening to it less and less. Just wish Axl would record a record with Newguns in the manner of how most others record, and not stress over every note of every song and in the process losing the very essence of what Rock n Roll, ...and to some extent (imo) music,.. is.

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Chinese wins by far here, but Ain't Life Grand is, in my opinion, the best album Slash has put out post-GnR. Mean Bone, Been there Lately and Landslide are in level with songs like Mr.Brownstone, It's So Easy and Out Ta Get Me.

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ALG, very underrated album. Shine, Mean Bone, Speed Parade, Ain't Life Grand, SERIAL KILLER :heart:

my vote goes to CD, but the solo on Serial Killer is one of the best ever by slash, i love that song

Me too :thumbsup: It's really a great song!!!! Good album that one.

Liked this Snakepit more, by the way. However in my opion CD is better.

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