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there you have it - some news!


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so, we have now 3 news from 3 band members - Tommy, Ron and Ashba.

as we can see from the main page of this section of the forum.

each one is doing he's thing, but contributing to GNR as from PR perspective.

as Tommy states what was what from he's point of view with Chinese Democracy production.

Ron plays Chinese Democracy song when given the opportunity.

and Ashba talks about the new GNR album - for me it's clear that since he's the only one that has to add his parts to the songs, being the new guy in the band, that's why he's talking about it, and the rest don't talk about it, because they had experienced it before,

that is the expectation of the release of a new album - which took a really long time for some of the members, just some 2 years for others - so, maybe DJ will be lucky enough to be the one that waits the least for a release, even though it's been 2 years since he's in the band... B) so, we'll use Patience and wait and see what's going to happen and when.

And the keep pouring in,

with one from Dizzy and a new one from Tommy - which states that GNR has touring dates for October and November. So that is a great news.

It will be a blast if GNR will release the new album in September.

the thought of it, of the surprise it will create makes me smile.

but you know anything is possible in GNR lala land,

so, here's hoping for a nice surprise.

And if not, well no one from the band said anything about it,

so no fan should get stress for the lack of a new album coming out this year, or the next year for that matter - but Tommy who kind of suggested it but still without saying a years or something. so, just 12 years to go...

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