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Guns n Roses to play in Buenos Aires, Argentina


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they cant play in River Plate ... the venue is suspended for rock concerts ... because of vibrations in the surrounding urban space ...

This venue at La Plata is awesome!!! :thumbsup:



:kiss: im buying my ticket today!!!!!!!!!!! im soooooo happpyyyyy :heart:

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Fake GNR will cancel, trust me.


Ignore him he likes male nipples


What's wrong with male nipples?

I wouldn't post them on a message board though.

Christian is being an annoying cupcake, once again. Take Mr. General's advice, get on board or fuck off.

I think I rather listen to Mr. Izzy Stradlin (the most important member GNR has ever had):

"Well, it's obviously not Guns N' Roses."

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The tickets are selling so well, that when you go into the Ticketek Homepage (www.ticketek.com.ar), look what appears:



I'm seriously thinking about going to that concert too.

Damn, I want to go to that concert. I'll make it happen...

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Guess i'll have to go to Argentina again because I have just bought my ticket! Campo VIP :D :D :D

Anybody know the capacity of the stadium/Campo VIP section?




Thats for soccer matchs, ill try to find the other number ^^ campo vip its the best in my opinion, i was in front row last year in velez, and having only half a stadium on my back this time its good to know xD

EDIT: thats correct i think, couldnt find another number, so i guess its right :P though it was more

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