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Tommy is out of the band?


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earlier this month BBA posted this information at GunsNFNRoses forums

According to a personal source of mine (who does have connections):

- Tommy is no longer in the "band". He plans to focus on supporting his new album and Soul Asylum's upcoming ventures

- There are some conflicts with Nu GNR's upcoming schedule and Richard's commitments with Thin Lizzy. According to my source' date=' if it's one or the other, Richard will continue with Thin Lizzy.

- As I reported several months back, BBF was let go mid-January. I don't know the specifics, but he was re-instated as a paid employee sometime between then and now. However, there are currently ongoing discussions between BBF and the camp. He wants more money and Axl won't return his calls.

My source has heard chatter that Izzy and Duff were mentioned as replacements for Rio if these issues are not resolved.

Keep your fingers crossed. I know I am. [/quote']

then today, at the very same forum, Manets posted this little tidbit:

I just think it should be mentioned....

"Miss Brownstone"' date=' one of the Global Mods from Guns N' Roses Brasil, biggest Guns N' Roses forum on South America, said she received from a reliable source the information that Tommy is out of the band to focus on Soul Asylum. [/quote']

Do you believe this could be true? I mean, in the recent interview Duff reacted pretty strangely when asked if he was about to play with Axl again. He totally shut down and kind of smirked. When beforehands he has been talking about such possibilities. But not now. I wonder...

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I would say, A, consider the source, and, B, Tommy has already said he will be at Rio. Unless he says otherwise, and he hasn't even in recent interviews, I'll go with that over anything BBA says.


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The first quote if from BBA from another forum.

The second is from Manets' from another forum.

Whether both of them are true or not, I just hope worst doesn't come to worst and we lose Richard and Tommy come Rio. And also, let's hope that the show in Argentina isn't redoing history and it's the last show for GN'R.

That is, if these rumor's are true.

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Yeah. Imagine that. Both Old GNR and NuGNR concerts at the same place. That's kinda beatiful. But LONG LIVE NuGNR!

I'm just fearing that worst comes to worst and Argentina 2011 is history repeating itself. Remember Argentina 1993? I find it werid there hasn't been any new dates yet, if there are then I'll be less worried.

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