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Incredible New remixes from Chinese Democracy


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Just check this out:

The remix of Catcher is better to the CD one IMO. Listen to the rest of his remix & instrumental versions, it's FLAWLESS. Someone congratulate this motherfucker quick!!

The creator of these mixes wants to share these with you and thus you can download all of JR/Reinaldo's remixes here: Chinese Democracy Remixes. Thanks again to him for this wonderful gift!

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The demo of CITR is still my favorite

I think I would enjoy CD better:

1) Less "clutter" - There are so many different guitar parts going on in songs like CITR where it would benefit from a laid back "natural" performance like the demo

2) Different Takes - There are a lot of songs that pair up 2007 recorded guitar parts with vocals from 1999. I think that if they used completely new tracks (recording everything in 2006 or 2007) it would have been better because Axl's voice was stronger, it wouldn't need to be protooled to death, etc. It would just be a lot more organic

Overproduced or not, I will say that I love the dynamics and sound quality of the CD. I am soo glad it wasn't a victim of the loudness war and Axl chose the mix with most dynamics and clear sound.

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Yes as the other 10000000 remixes are, meh

"remix" is a big word for a kid with no friends, acne and a computer tweaking and pitching the sound a bit in his basement.

It pisses me off how everybody thinks they can do a better job than the people who got paid for it.

That's the way the artist made it and liked it, so at least keep it that way.

You shouldn't despise the work of some dedicated fans like the guy who did those remixes, and it's what it is: a remix, an other version of the official mix.

I don't think that his attention is to say "fuck the guy who did the original mix, I can do better", but to offer his view of the mix, and he did a pretty fine job.

I love how CD was mixed but I always wanted a clean rawer version and here it is, so I'm thankful to the guy who did that.

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WOW>...The Catcher remix is incredible....for sure. LESS IS MORE With that track

The TIL instrumental/FX was gorgeous

Shacklers sounds more like GNR!!!!!!!!!! WOW Fuckin Kudos to this JR dude.

The instrumentals really give insight into what the fuck was going on in some of those songs that you couldn't hear on the album.......CD's instrumental for example.....the guitar is SO Sleazy....I love it.

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Completely agreed, and it also shows Axl's imagination, because when you listen to say, Shackler's, I wouldn't have imagined the same inventive way he layed his vocals. This guy is really ace.

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Completely agreed, and it also shows Axl's imagination, because when you listen to say, Shackler's, I wouldn't have imagined the same inventive way he layed his vocals. This guy is really ace.

Yup. :)rock3

Holy shit the IRS instrumental is really sweet as well.....the guitar work is great to hear out on top like that.

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He wanted to make it public so let's do it. I respect anyone's opinion, even if it's against anything I've done, but please be respectful, like the few others that didn't like the mixes were.

He's unable to understand it. I sent him a PM to show how imature his words were. And he reacts that way shown above, even worse.

Won't answer the "crappys", "sucks", "borings" nor any of all those low level arguments... He obviosily doesn't like to read and doesn't figure out how to do it right. Just wish him the best. Be happy with all this envy and anger, hiding behind a computer screen. I'll be happy with my period. Real life sucks, doensn't it? Anyway, now that he "apologized" me, he should apologize himself for the ridiculous act he just made (though he won't).

For all the others, thanks for the constructive criticism and for the kind words too! Different from some "fans", I got a life, and, fortunatelly, won't be here soon. See ya someday!

Oh... By the way, here is the reason of all his hatred:

"Thanks for your offenses! Are you kind of frustrade in life or what? I don't owe you anything, but just for the record, different from your imature comments, I'm a healthy, well married, well educated and succeeded professional, with great friends, raised in a great family, on a great country, with no acne, and a I-don't-give-a-shit-about-computers philosophy, 32 year old man, GNR fan.

What I did on a small part of my spare time for about 5 months and decided to share with other fans is just a different vision of the album, an easier way to make people see how CD is outstanding, and a demonstration of how much I love GNR and Axl's talent.

Never intended to promote myself, I don't work with mixes, music or stuff like that. Never intended to do something better than the band, and I just didn't. Just another option I made for myself and decided to share. If you don't like fan made mixes, you should be free to ignore them and fuck off!!

Congratulations for being a full of prejudice person who has 17.200+ posts on a fan forum. I'm proud of my 3 or 4 posts. Guess you know who really is the geek kid you were talking about... ask yourself! Please do yourself a favor: learn how to express your thoughts right! Respect other human beings! Don't be irrational like you've shown. Starting with a public apologize would be cool. Thank you."

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