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Is there any way to edit the songs that you upload from CDs? I have a few tracks that I like and they have some shitty buried song attached. So it lists the songs as 20 minutes or whatever. Is there a way to cut the bullshit out?


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Go to iTunes

Go to the song's info (select the song, cmd+I on mac, ctrl-I I think on windows, or just right click and press song info)

Options tab

You have start time and stop time; they're be default at 0 and the song's length, but you can change them, but be sure you follow the convention: x:xx.xxx (minutes, seconds, 1/1000 of second)

Or you can download a free audio editing software like Audacity where you can simply delete parts of the audio file.

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If you don't like your iPod you should give it to charity instead of complaining about it to people you don't know on the internet, you selfish bastard.

I am not complaining about my Ipod. I am complaining about bands that attach shit to the last song on an album thus inflating the time.

Thanks, Given.

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