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What's Worse: New GnR or New Coke?


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in my mind, both are spectacular failures. neck and neck! but both succeeded in making me appreciate the originals way more.

i've heard some speculation that new coke was a marketing gimmick meant to fail, just for the purposes of being able to "reintroduce" classic coke. could this be axl's master plan for gnr too? between the record, the rotating band, and the lack of effective management, it always seemed to me like axl couldn't have fucked up more if he'd tried. so maybe he was trying. i sure hope so. i'm personally at a loss for how so many talented people could get together and make such a shitty record and such a dysfunctional band.

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What's worse is that you spend sooooo much time talking about New GnR hoping it will somehow have an impact.

Besides, it's probably detrimental to your bile acid level.

Also, I bet New Coke haters have a life...


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