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Songs off Chidem that would transfer to acoustic


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Stripped down and intimate, just like the old Mtv unplugged days. Which songs you guys think would translate well onto acoustic? For me it would be:

Madagascar(big potential here, especially from Axl, the outro would be amazing)



Possibly TWAT although it would have to be reworked for acoustic





TIL is way too piano orientated to be translated to acoustic, it would be a totally different song. Chinese Democracy is too upbeat and grungy, although it could still be rocking. The other songs(scraped, Riad, Shacklers, IRS etc) though I don't think would work. What do you guys think?

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Really cool. I would even go further and remove the piano/synth and just have two guitarists, bass and drums. Full stripped down. Would be awesome to see the whole album "acoustified" on a studio release... drools...

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If it weren't for the lyrics This I Love might sound really cool without all of the... shit

imagine it with just one acoustic guitar and Axl singing softly

He would definitely have to alter the tone and delivery for sure.

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I'd love to hear TWAT done acoustically, just for the sake of interest. It would probably have to be reworked a little though.

When BBF was in South America he played an acoustic version of TWAT outside the hotel.

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