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Chris Pitman solo show in brazil!


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Guest gunns5

Pitman is not only friendly to fans and open enough to tell a few tales of gnr , he is funny as fuck and just likes to shoot the shit and chill with them.

Pitman is the third best member in gnr behind axl n bumble

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So he plays bass to a sweet child o mine record and dances around and curses in the mike???? Look im glad everyone tgere was having fun but that is LAME.

Yes. Fun is lame.

I hope Chris leaks those remixes.

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what does pitman do in the band exactly?

He tames the MPC 2000, keeps it under control. It's a huge responsibility in itself !

Also, the Riad intro that was stolen :xmassrudolph: ?

No, it's not. The MPC 2000 and all "eletronic drums" are controlled by the drummers (Brain and now Frank).

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..and another rides on the back of the name Guns N'Roses :rolleyes:

fuck off with the negativity.

A member of GnR is putting on a show for the people of Brasil.

Now lets make it really easy to understand by breaking down for you, A member of G U N S N' R O S E S


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