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Def Leppard, Motley Crue & Steel Panther


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Fucking excited for this! biggrin.gif

Heard the rumour the other week and wondered if it was gonna happen, looks like it is... YES!

Although I haven't heard great things about Def Leppard live, and I'm not as much of a fan of Motley these days, I reckon it'll be pretty cool. And I can't pass on seeing Steel Panther again, it's been too long! Just hope it's not stupidly expensive!


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£53? What a fuckin' joke. The last 2 times I saw Def Leppard (headlining Download 2009 - Awful, Co-headline with Whitesnake - was okay, but Coverdale should have headlined that night) were not worth that, Crue I've seen twice, I'll give them a shot. Steel Panther are alright for a laugh. I'll look on eBay nearer the time and try and whack a ticket for £20 or so, that's far more reasonable.

IMO tickets should have been no more than £37, especially in today's economy, unless each band is planning on doing a 90+ minute set.

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i saw Def Leppard and Motley Crue in the late 80's and again in 00's to be honest the 00's performances not that great but the atmosphere still as electric..

they are all getting a bit long in the tooth and they have more off days than on but i still wouldn't pass up on an opportunity to see them.

it is what it is!

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Decent co-headlining tour, even though the ticket prices sound a little steep.

Hopefully Steel Panther doesn't upstage both bands, but they're by far going to be the raunchiest.

I know Live Nation was doing 2 for 1 deals, not sure if they're still doing that with shows that don't sell out.

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What's the rule regarding mullets in order to enter at these shows? Two inches below earlobe is the minimum requirement?


No thread about an 80's band would be complete on mygnr without a snarky comment from Lithium. :rofl-lol:

I wish there really was a hot-tub time machine. I'd take you back and show ya what you missed!

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Who headlines?

Judging by the sizes of the logos on the poster, Panther open, then Crue then Def Leppard close the night off.

Edit: If I manage to nab cheap tickets on e-Bay, I will definately be leaving before Def Lep come back on for an "encore".

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