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What song do you reckon they'll open with?


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I think they'll open with Chinese Democracy but maybe they have yet to decide on an opener for Rio.

Personally, I think Jungle will probably always be the best opener for a Guns show, but it's nice to change things a bit once in a while and it's a good idea to play one of the newer songs as the intro just because the attention of 100% of the crowd is there.

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I love CD as an opener. I just love WTTJ a lot more.

There are other songs that would get me pumped just as much, such as It's So Easy, Nightrain, Perfect Crime, Don't Damn Me, and Shotgun Blues.

Granted, GN'R even playing Don't Damn Me and Shotgun Blues, seeing as how they have never done it before, is highly unlikely.

I believe they will just open like CD, like they have been doing.

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I think the current opening set is the best option. Starting with something "new" is pretty ballsy, and with the whole setup, the intro, the pyro, etc., it's so exciting. Then you go right into something everyone knows. I do agree they need to drop at least 'Mr. Brownstone' from those first 4 or 5 songs. I think a line of Chinese Democracy/Jungle/Live and Let Die/Shackler would get the energy going pretty damn well...

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Guest siliconmessiah

I don´t know about you guys, but in my opinion, "Chinese Democracy", "Brownstone" , "It´s so easy","Live & Let die", "Street of dreams" and "Knocking on Heavens door"falls into the category of songs that could easily be replaced.

That´s six songs that could get thrown out to give place for three totally new songs and three UYI-songs. Would be the perfect RIR-setlist. I´d love to see Pretty Tied Up for example!

EDIT: Added KOHD to the list.

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WTTJ would be a great opener. What better way to pump an audience up by teasing an opening riff of one of their most popular songs and Axl screaming "Do you know where the fuck you are!?!?!" at the top of his lungs?

I just got chills imagining that! Chinese Democracy as an opener? not so much...

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Open with CD ...stop halfway through it and apologize for its fucked up lyrics by blaming it on some bad acid he dropped that he got off a kid standing outside his gates one night and then proceed on to the same setlist that has worked for him for 12 years Heres a transcript of it...

It don't really matter

Gonna find out for yourself

No it don't really matter

Gonna leave this thing to

Somebody else

If they were missionaries

Real time visionaries

Sittin' in a chinese stew

To view my dis-infatuation

I know that I'm a classic case

Watch my dis-enchanted face

Blame it on the Falun Gong

They've seen the end and you can't hold on now...

STOP! STOP!!(band grinds to a halt) calls for a translator...

Axl taking holds the mike up to his lips....pauses and looks around..grins at Bumblefoot who looks pissed off

"YA know.....when I wrote Welcome to the Jungle I wrote that to tell a story of shit that really happened to me and it was real..and now you hear that song everywhere...I was hoping this song would be like Welcome...ya know..iconic but shit.. i have to tell you...I wrote that on some bad acid back in 98 that i got from a kid hanging outside my front gate one night...(crowd roars) so if the lyrics sound like I was on acid...I fuckin was. I had some music that I couldnt find lyrics to and i just went in and started dropping shit out my mouth and just happened to record it!! You have to laugh at the chinese stew part..( crowd cheers) I think i was attempting to channel my inner BONO and make a political statement about some things I learned about China..but in all fairness.. after listening to it..it proves that you can put shit out there set to music and no body in this generation gives a fuck about it!! Theyll swallow it because (takes on his mockery voice) Axl wrote it -sings it and thus its a "masterpiece" ..Well Im sorry the lyrics to this are products of my brains on Acid..jokes on you...jokes on you.....pauses..(crowd cheers and Axl grins)Anyway....So on behalf of myself and Mr Fink and mr. Buckethead who wrote the music and allowed me to use those lyrics...(pause) like they had a choice....I apologize ...i can understand why you people throw bottles at us..not cuz were late but because we opened with that song....well finish it for my fangirls andfan boys out in MYGNR land..

band picks up where it left off and Axl finishes the song..crowd goes wild..largely because they speak Porteguese and never have heard the lyrics and 89% of the crowd have never even heard CD and 95 % were unaware that Slash was no longer in the band anymore and wonder "who the fuck is this Buckehead and Finck he spoke of???

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