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Slash recalls "Use Your Illusion" and the band's crisis


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In an interview with Music Radar, Slash commented on disagreements with Axl Rose during the recording of Use Your Illusion albums. "Honestly, I preferred to record only one album, with ten songs more straightforward. But it was an opportunity to move the band again. "

The guitarist was going through serious problems with drugs, especially heroin. "I wrote 'Coma' in a frenzy. It is a track that still have pride. There is little technical, but it is the typical approach of my style. "

Despite the problems and disagreements, Slash notes that the band could still pay off when leaving everything aside and focused only on music. "It was a natural chemistry, so they got rid of distractions."

But the musicians had to yield to the wishes of the megalomaniacs vocalist on several occasions, which definitely bothered a member in particular. "The songs earned grandiose proportions, the grandeur of the arrangements and production began to bother Izzy (Stradlin). It was against his philosophy, which was pure rock and roll, with which I identify as well. We recorded the basics and when they started overdubs and overlaps, he kind of disappeared. "A week after the release of records, Stradlin officially announce their departure from the band. "I have not heard those jobs, but there are good things in them," concludes Slash.

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