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Hello Everyone,

My name is Cisz, I’m a graphic designer from the Netherlands and I’d like to ask you all a favour.

Last year I was supposed to graduate at the art academy with a book (a tribute) to Guns n’ Roses. Unfortunatly it became quite a struggle with the teachers and eventually they rejected it.

However I still want to make this book because the music of Gn’R means a lot to me. It made me who I am today and that all started after hearing ‘Paradise City’ many years ago.

Guns n’ Roses wasn’t ‘just a band’ like some people think, they made history!

I want to pay tribute to the band by making a book full of memories.

And therefor I need your help. I want to collect memories from all over the world of Gn’R and the album ‘Appetite for Destruction’.

What do you remember of the first time hearing Guns n’ Roses? Which song was it? How old were you? What music were you into at that time? What do you remember of that time ‘80’s / early’90’s (the music, the fashion, tv etc.) What is your favourite song on Appetite for Destruction?

Do you have any specific memory or anecdote concerning Guns n’ Roses?

If you have pictures concerning Guns n’ Roses, they are most welcome!

Please, e-mail your story and pictures to me at: gnrbook@gmail.com

Don’t forget to mention your name and where you’re from.

When I’m using your text or pictures, I’ll add your name to the text or picture.

Thanks in advance!

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