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No band - especially the GN'R - should go back


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"I was watching clips of Slash and Co. on the websites of life, in charity concert in New York, and thinking what you're thinking - why the hell not let Axl's hand and joins with them again?

Well, there is no simple answer to this, except to say that Axl is not like his or Ozzys Lemmys or their Alices, etc.. He's not crazy rock n 'roll, the devil does have something going on inside that globe with anger that has nothing to do with you or me or Slash or Duff or even music. And whatever it is, this ended his career. And saying that, I mean that he finally botasse head in place and agreed to work with others again, how good it would actually be?

God damn it, we would like Van Halen back with David Lee Roth again. Bring that crazy guy to front the band and the guys side ways and we all enjoyed it as if it were 1987 again. Yes, of course.

We must forget Axl Rose and expect it to feel better one day soon. 20 years ago this month since the last noteworthy albums of Guns N 'Roses Use Your Illusion I & II were launched. And that's twice as hard among the greatest of all time, by the way, than most bands in the world can beat his chest and claim to have released. Maybe that's enough.

And while we're at it, let's hope that Robert Plant did not give in and finally agreed to meet with his former classmates either. Trust me, I was at the O2 show in 2007 and it was not anything close to how things were crazy in 70 years. Not as bright as the terribly titled Zeppelin DVD for 2003.

These things work sometimes? The Who without Moon and The Ox is just not The Who, The Who's Experience. Same thing with Mick and Keith show that sells itself as The Rolling Stones. They could already was doing the right thing and schedule a season living in a casino in Las Vegas next time.

Let it go, brothers and sister. Try something new. As Robert and Alison. The album was not as good as Led by fanatical critics said at the time, but the idea was much better than the parade 'jukebox' which took place at the O2. Same thing with Them Crooked Vultures. It was the invention of the wheel when it came out, but who can still hear it today?

Which brings me back to this collaboration between Lou Reed and Metallica. Those of us who shared in the bunker in the basement Tuesday afternoon listening to the disc are still arguing about it, and will be for years to come. To me, it's the closest I came to rock 'fine art' since who knows when. For others, it is a lapse of reason for a band that would consolidate his most loyal audience doing more shows with the Big Four and recording with Flemming Rasmussen again.

But then, people talk so much shit, not talk? Especially about music ... "


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