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Which GNR song(s) mean the most to you personally?


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For me it is definately Estranged. It is such a great song musically and it really represents how I feel at certain times. I remember blasting the song around 2 in the morning driving back to my house from Hollywood and seeing the city lights as I drive by while the second guitar solo was playing, it was such a perfect moment. It is so powerful to have a song that connects with you on an emotional level and at the same time compliments the atmosphere of what is around you.

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Estranged and Nov Rain because it brings out the best In Axl and also how well Slash was able to add something special to them. No band will ever top them

Jungle because it was the first song that the Appetite line up put together and it was so fresh and ready to go. It was like come taste the band, see what we can do. Five hungry guys showing a sneak off what was going to come.

It's So Easy and Brownstone because of all the different levels of Axl's voice.

There was a time because it will hold up to the test of time

Sweet Child and Nightrain for the Goose bumps I get every time I hear them.

If The World because Axl sings his ass off and he pulled it off

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Coma hands down nothing comes close!!!

I connect with song more than any other song evwr made by any band. It fits me and my personal issues to a T.

The lyrics to Coma are amazing, especially the last 2 or 3 minutes

SoD is another song that is connecting with me lately

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