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Axl settles suit over the Bently


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Axl Rose collects lawsuits like he stockpiles Slash replacements. The Guns N' Roses singer is already involved in legal battles involving Guitar Hero and his former manager Irving Azoff, but one outstanding lawsuit with Bentley has finally been settled. According to TMZ, Rose leased a $192K Bentley Flying Spur in 2005 and proceeded to drive the hell out of it. When the lease expired and Rose returned the car, his appetite for Bentley destruction came with a hefty bill for damages. He never paid up, until last week when Axl and the automaker settled for $53,000.For that money, you can buy a brand new Jaguar XF Sedan at its manufacturer's suggested retail price, a luxurious vehicle in its own right, but instead Axl needs to shell out $53K just on repairs. (Rose has always struck us as a recluse; who knew he left his mansion often enough to warrant leasing a Bentley.) The damages on the car actually came out to $73,000, but the two sides agreed to slash the amount by $20K just to get this suit over with. In short, Axl only needs to sell 26,500 more $2 copies of Chinese Democracy (or a few more tour dates) to break even.

I just love the cheap shots the press takes on Axl, was that last sentence even neccassary?????

Suit Settled

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As much as I love the guy, why does seemingly every minor thing need to go before a court of law? Of course the media will belittle him for it, it's not difficult to resolve issues at a lower level, no matter how big a star you are.

this one, i agree with.

To be honest I think the repairs probably exaggerated and wouldn't of been 73,000. They just trying to screw Axl by making him pay an inflated price

this one, not so much.

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