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DJ Ashba Solo - RIR 2011


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The normal anti-Axl and current band haters will say it sucked. Just because it isn't slash.

I loved it.


I think it's madness to pretend that Axl nailed this gig, but there's no need for this fan backslash, and all this hatred that's getting thrown at him.

I expected more from the show, but that's my problem not theres. I saw them 4 times last year and they kicked my ass every single time, I still can't sit comfortably.

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He still looks like a douche.

But I thought he was one of the highlights of the show. He totally bailed Axl out after one screw up.

Honestly, I think Axl should let DJ run the band for a year. I guarantee you we would get an album, a couple videos, interviews and tv performances (awards shows, letterman, etc).

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I really enjoyed it. That's 2 out of 2. Ashba proved he knows his way around a melody, and I'm starting to really appreciate what he's bringing to the table.

Robin will always be much better to me, but DJ is a good fit for Guns imo.

I have confidence he could write cool stuff with Axl, Bumble and Richard.

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Besides, Slash doesn't look like a Hot Topic threw up on him.


I really love DJ's new solo, much better than the Ballad of Death. All in all, DJ really surprised me at Rio. I feel like he's come into his element a bit more this year, and it sounds great.

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I'm glad to see how many people liked his new solo, even people who didn't like DJ before are now saying that they like it :) That's awesome!

I too hope that Axl will use DJ to write songs with cause obviously he's talented and is full of ideas, it would be a shame to see all of DJ's creativity and talent go to waste. If they do write together and record and Axl isn't 100% happy with it then okay, at least he gave it a shot and that's what I really hope he'll do - give it a shot! As Axl seems to really like DJ and since they're now gonna be on tour together maybe on their off days they could talk some ideas over or something and maybe if DJ presents Axl with some stuff he's been working on Axl might be enthusiatic and get back into the creating/writing process. Sometimes you need someone/something new to get you motivated again and hopefully in time DJ will be that motivation, cause like others have mentioned, if they do not at least try to work together then all these talents are simply wasted and that would be such a shame.

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My god. I liked the ballad of death, but this is just boring. Its the same couple of ideas repeated and repeated and repeated, like its on a freaking loop - like a keybord demo. It bored the crap out of me, I was waiting for it to develop a bit but it didnt! He didnt take it anywhere just kept repeating. No drive to it, no kick, no solo, just boring melodic ideas which aint even that great to start with.

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