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Cordoba, Argentina 12/10 -Live -updates

Guest Gunns

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Orfeo Superdome

10,000 capacity

not soldout




Chinese Democracy

Welcome To The Jungle

Its So Easy

Mr Brownstone




4tus Solo (James Bond)

Live and Let Die

This I Love

Rocket Queen

(Band introductions)

Dizzy solo (baba o'riley)

street of dreams

You Could Be Mine

DJ Ashba Solo

Sweet Child O' Mine

Another Brick in the Wall

November Rain

Bumble Solo (Pink Panther)

Dont Cry

Whole Lotta Rosie

Riff Raff

Knockin' On Heaven's Door





Jam/Paradise City

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How big is this venue tonight because according to a site I came across the attendance for the 2nd show was 10,000 people

check op

14.000, it was built for music and sports shows, slash, metallica n others played there =) its a good place!

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nice thanks.........this leg of the tour is gonna have a great crowd each part of the tour has drawn real well

I think i know someone who is going to post updates, still waiting for an answer...

here are some pics from last night bumble accoustic show

29616422898989618271079.th.jpg 29673022899011618821079.th.jpg 29681022898997618471079.th.jpg 29725322898982018081079.th.jpg 30015022899006018681079.th.jpg

30644322898977217961079.th.jpg 30833122899004018631079.th.jpg 30840922898996018431079.th.jpg 31194922899007618721079.th.jpg 32049822899010018781079.th.jpg

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I'm hoping for a few setlist surprises in tonights show, whether thats chinese democracy songs or something more.

cmon gnr, lets mix it up!

Everyone, tweet to @gunsnroses and @bumblefoot

Is it possible to get some shacklers revenge on if the world tonight at Cordoba, Argentina?

or retweet here


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Watch this be the show where EVERY surprise is thrown in just because not many people are following the thread/giving updates. :lol:

ill be updating right to paradise city on the small glimpse of hope that something big does happen :ph34r:

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