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Taylor Momsen/Pretty Reckless is opening some shows for GNR

ITW 2012

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Is she 18 yet?

I tink it's time i break down the stereotype of only chicks being groupies. (if she's under 18 nevermind...)

they had Die Mannequin in 2006 opening, that was another badass female fronted band...

Yea, DM fucking rocks! I always thought Canada put out some awesome bands. Kill Cheerleader was phenomenal.

I would also be down for the DM singer.

I'm gonna go down as the Rosa Parks of male groupies. I'm breaking barriers.

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Well i guess Baz or BC won;t be opening for Hamilton,But i've been looking into this the-pretty-reckless, don;t no much about them so i've been checking them out and they sound and seem pretty good,I am pretty sure Axl is going to pic a kick ass group to open for him so just on the note alone and i am excited to see this band on the 28th.I'm there for GnR anyhow but i always love see some new talent especially if they are good,i guess we'll no soon enough.Cheers everyone and have a great wk end.

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