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Axl: The OLD band didn't give a crap about me


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From the TMS interview, it is pretty clear that Axl never really got along with Slash and Duff (and later Matt).

Despite the UYI records not being finished, and despite Axl's legal and private life problems, Axl in 1991 was forced to tour. Two of the three reasons were because of Slash.

Axl also revealed that on the song, "Get in the Ring", it was Duff and some other guy's idea to have Axl go on a angry tyrant. This turned out to be a huge corporate political issue with the record company and those influential magazines. When the poop hit the fan, Duff and everybody else just left Axl to hang for this evil deed.

Axl then reveals that nobody in the band gave a crap about him, in which he didn't give crap about them back. Axl cared more for the well being of the crew members!

If we recall GnR history, Axl and Izzy were the founding fathers of the band. Then Slash and Duff were brought in to replace the others that quit. So when Izzy left, GnR became: Axl vs. Slash+Duff.

It should be clear that the kind of music that Slash and Duff like to make is clearly not what Axl likes to make.

It should also be clear now that Axl was never really *best friends* or very close to Slash and Duff. Hence, why it was always a confrontation between Axl vs Slash+Duff.

So it makes me wonder, why do some people claim the old band had *chemistry* and that they should reunite?

It seems they never really enjoyed each other's company from the beginning.

So, it seems Slash and Duff (and Matt) leaving the band was the best thing that could have happened to ensure GnR continued on to make music for us fans TODAY!

What you say?

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I'd say you had 1 too many brainfucks. Are you insane? Not once in yesterday's interview did Axl claim the old band had no chemistry (you should apply for a job at NME). If you do not have chemistry, how can you make some of the most classic r&r hit songs of all time? To put it in a respectful way: you clearly lack 85% of your braincells.

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