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SWU 2011 | Duff McKagan's Loaded brings former bassist of Guns N 'Roses


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When a band called Loaded, but inserts in materials to publicize the name of their lead singer to make it clear who is one of its members, is obviously intended to show that this band deserves attention because this guy is in it. The guy in this case, is the former bassist for Guns N 'Roses, Duff McKagan.

The strategy worked and attended a massive public to watch with interest the work of the SWU group in 2011, without repeated requests of songs from Roses or Velvet Revolver - another band, Duff, Slash and Matt Sorum.

Duff McKagan this project takes the guitar and sings with great skill - has a strong voice and reaches a high pitch. His band also plays his role well: Mike Squires (guitar), Jeff Rouse (bass) and Isaac Carpenter (drums) are a hard rock well resolved, with a touch of punk rock, which draws applause from the audience.


But it is the music of Guns N 'Roses that really move the crowd, hungry for hits. From "So Fine," whose authorship is Duff's own, a string of famous songs the choir won the public. In "Attitude", the original Misfits and Guns honored, Duff took the bass to them and remained so until the end of the show. Came off the stage, walked through the crowd and ended the show with the familiar "It's So Easy."


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