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Nickelback - Here And Now


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Okay, the new Nickelback album can be heard on ITunes and who else but me to make a thread about it.

First single

When We Stand Together

What can I say about it...well firstly like Dark Horse, this has about as much to do with Nirvana...heck to Bush as Bryan Adams, so calling it "post-grunge" at this point is pretty ridiculous.

But the album is less cock-rock than the last one, more close to All The Right Reasons, but the cock rock song are still present and mostly pretty good.

This Means War is probably the best song on the album...absolutely monsterous.

Well if you hated them before, this wont change your opinion.

It just dawned to me that Silver Side Up came out a decade ago. This as been a pretty long and good run they have had, which will continue, expect lots of charting singles.

Expect this album to play on my laptop for a lot of time.

Maybe finally when Nickelback visits Europe, they wont stop at England and Germany and do a proper , long tour in Europe. Actually this goes to a lot of big US rock bands.

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I often pretend that I absolutely despise Nickelback, but I really don't. I always just feel like there's a potential they have that they never use. Kroeger has a cool voice and the music is catchy enough to label it under a "fun" band, but I just don't find them fun. I don't know what it is, but something just falls flat. I've never seen them kive but I know a few people who have and all have said good things about them. They really aren't as bad as some people say (the "anti-Christ" like someone here posted) and I'd take them over Lady Gaga and that kind of stuff.

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I liked this band initially, especially the song Breathe. Still my favorite song by the band.

And when How You Remind Me came out ---- it was very catchy and most rock fans liked it. But then it got played literally 38 billion times and began to wear on most people's nerves.

Initially I thought they were a bar band that made it big. And they would be a strong, steady good old fashion rock and roll band. More in the Ac-Dc vein. Not sounding like them, but an old fashion rock band, who put out straight forward rock. They reminded me of a 70's hard rock band.

But they really changed from that genre and turned into a pop band, more concerned with billboard success than rock credibility. They started shooting for the 12-18 year old tarket market. Trying to please the 14 year old girl fan - rather than their original rock and roll fan base.

Their first two albums were more straight rock and roll. Since then, they have turned into a pop band.

Which is absolutely THEIR right to do. It is their band, they can make whatever music they like. But in terms of why they are sooo loved, but also so hated.....that's why. Earlier fans of the band feel like they did the proverbial sell out. Abandoning their roots for mainstream pop success.

Also, on a side note, a lot of their material sounds virtually identical. I remember a few years back hearing two different mashes of their songs, I think it was two fast songs, and then two slow songs, that were like 80% the same song - with just different lyrics. One time is a coincidence. Twice?

People always bash bands for just recreating old hits over and over again. Like if GnR made a song that was basically Jungle part 2. Nickleback is basically doing that. I would even take a shot that there will be a song or two on this new album that sound really similar to an old "hit" of theirs from a past album.

They turned into a formula band.

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and I kind of like what Def Lep play but lyrically or persona wise they arent that interesting. I like how DH sounds but here and there the lyrics are just miss the target, maybe too safe but that's what people like. like if it's on in a bar I like it but I dont sit down and pour over the lyric sheets.

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they are like Def Leppard to me. Perfect for radio. but to sit down and listen to it is hard.

That's exactly what I say, they are this generation's Def Leppard.

Except not as good.

Nickleback is way too cheesy. Pure formula pop music for teenage girls that also love Lady Gaga and Keisha.

I think rather than compare them to Def Leppard, it's more like the Winger or White Lion's of the world. Or in today's music, I'd say they are just the male version of Gaga, Keisha......I can't even think of her name now, the singer who is on everybody's album right now, she is more famous for her crazy colorful outfits and hairdos than her actual singing. Nikki or something.

Just pure formulated puff music, that makes you tap your foot a few times, but is totally forgettable and non-sustainable over time.

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Funny thing is, as a 15 year old in school, I have yet to find anyone who actually likes the band in person, so I ask who the hell buys their music? Just weird to me, a couple of songs I might listen to if they came on to the radio, but I'm far from a fan. For the most part I don't like them because they represent everything I hate about modern popular music, and not only do their songs for the most part sound the same, but tons of other bands sound the same. Back when I was younger and didn't care to look into music, I thought for the longest time Shinedown and others were Nickelback. It all just sounds the same to me at least. Another problem is that well they act like real rock stars who care about the music and are always going on and on, when in reality it's all just for the cash and they're de-evolving from their original position. Another big frustration to me is how much radio play bands like them get, but other bands like The Sword, Wolfmother, etc. all get pretty much ignored, hell even Mastadon gets the shaft in place of them. Like I said they represent most the things I hate about popular current music, therefore I hate them. I think most people who are on the hate train would agree as well to some of these points, or as previously mentioned earlier for being sell-outs. Ironically my favorite performance by the band is this:

One last point, their name is just stupid :rofl-lol:

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Guest Len B'stard

Music is weird. It's one of few things we're being alright or just good is the same being shit. I think, if you're in like, the charts or whatever then you should be something exceptional and when you're not, when you're just OK then you're as good as lame. Rock n Roll is not the theatre of the mediocre, it doesn't work like that.

Personally i just can't listen to Nickelback. They're just boring. They don't warrant recognition...of any kind.

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