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2011 Guns Clicks Better Than Ever


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I think a song based on Game of Thrones might work. Sci-fi maids in distress to a Ron Judas Priest metal song.

Maybe they are saving The General for Season 2. Game of Thrones is sort of like Lord of The Rings mixed with AFD.

The real Live n let die GNR will return.

Axl Strikes Back

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This is a great line up, as they all have been. I cannot fathom the logic in wanting Axl to trade all he's fought for over the years and the awesome music that's came out (and also yet to come out rock2 ) to have a nostalgia cash trip with a reunion lol, nothing could be more fake and obvious. The same people who say he's just a cash grabber using the name to sell tickets are probably the same ones who cry for a reunion..

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Perfectly written first post by Kaneda. I was there and completely agree. In fact, the Izod show was the best concert I've ever been to. It was pure magic.

I have to say I am more positive feeling and hopeful then I've ever been about this band after getting a chance to see what I saw.

I even showed a couple videos I made to a couple people and the reactions were incredible. Just blown away, and really genuinly regretting they weren't there. And the videos don't even come close to the actual experience.

Something has SNAPPED in this band. I am telling you guys, good things are coming. The energy I saw is different than anything I've ever seen. I walked in there with no expectations and walked out blown the fuck away.

I am so happy for these guys and especially Axl.

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The only problem with watching GNR for me is that it makes it impossible to enjoy other live acts. This band hits so fucking hard and has SO MANY great tunes, it makes other concerts pointless. I just end up comparing everything to GNR and nothing compares.

I agree with your whole post.

The only other band i'll pay to go see is Megadeth. I'm going in february actually.

GNR has set the musical bar so high for me lol

Bruce Springsteen...nuff said. Plays 3 hours shows plus he played 190 songs last tour... yes 190 songs.

But yea, current GNR is fuckin awesome. I feel the same way. 06 was cool, but 2010-2011 has been fantastic. They are a real band now. Love it.

Springsteen rolled out 3 or 4 albums plus re-recorded some stuff on The Promise, he wanted to get the E Street out on the road before they got too old or sick, as well as bring the music to a new generation. It went from about 1997 to 2009, and even if they over saturated certain areas, it was always guaranteed to be a good show.

Max's son did a killer job on drums, and it'll be interesting to see what he has planned in the future - he's more of a metal drummer and would prob. fit fine in GNR because of the diversity of that catalog. And he was 18 at the time he toured w/Bruce.

The E Street Band is pretty much over though, Danny was with him from the beginning, and the Big Man was pretty integral. The cool thing about Bruce or Elton is that they can adapt to being in a full band, or just do a stripped down show, same with Neil Young, and if it's a solo show, that setlist can be anything and everything.

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