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What do you hope CD II sounds like?

ITW 2012

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I don't know why people still think that Axl would throw away several tracks and ideas already recorded. He may include something brand new (I doubt it, but there's a possibility), but the next album will be at least 90% of CD sessions. Just because the guitar players aren't the same, it doesnt mean the other guys songs would be just dismissed.

Jack White is a guitar god. Maybe you've only heard their radio songs. Jack White is the only musician since Axl to do anything worthwhile in rock music IMO.

You clearly have no idea of what a good guitar player is. Jack White is nothing more than a Kurt Cobain in terms of guitar playing.

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Beats the hell out of me.

I was surprised by how The Blues ended up sounding - and IRS... and how Chinese Democracy sounded... most of the early descriptions of the album before there were leaks were either wrong, or Roy Thomas Baker really changed a bunch of stuff, or the reviewers of the album were mostly writing about the stuff that stood out - things like maybe Prostitute, Rhiad, and Scraped (had it been written yet).

So I'm hoping for more on the Scraped/Rhiad/Silk Worms/Oh My God/Prostitute/Shackler's dimension.

But whatever. Who knows.

Bring on Las Vegas!

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Chinese Democracy was basically an extension of the Illusions......I hope CD II is 15 songs just like we heard from CD.

Better, Street of Dreams, Catcher, TWAT, This I Love and Prostitute are all perfect.

Fun rockers like IRS, dancers like Shacklers, harder like Rhiad, groovy like If The World.....and fillers as good as sorry and Madagascar.

If the next album is just like the first, I will be as happy as a clam.

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They shouldnt go for a certain style. Just be themselves and let it out.

Honesty always comes out better.

It will be what it is.

To me, as long as it has the three following things , it will sound like guns.

1. Axl Rose

2. That nasty, crunchy, two rhythm guitar sound ( you know the one).

3. Bluesy, melodic les Paul guitar solos that are beautiful at some times and haunting at others.

4. An attitude within the music that evokes great emotion.

These ingredients , to me , equal guns n roses .

It doesn't really matter if the drums are a drum machine or set.

If pitman makes techno noises through the whole record or it has a house feel to the beat.

Keep those above things I listed, we will have a great Guns record.

While I don't really like ashbas guitar soloing style, I think he's good at putting together music and will be a great asset to the process. Leave the solos to bumble and FORTUS.

I'm all for fortus doing more solo work on the next record .'after seeing them in atlanta, i think fortus plays the best in an improve situation.

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BTW, The White Stripes are better than any of those other bands you named.

You think the White Stripes are better than Jane's Addiction and NIN? Sorry, but the White Stripes are garbage! Jack White should just be a guy fronting a cover band.

To be honest, new JA is for me worse than heavy Strays... now it's sound like Perry's solo album. But you have right, White is overrated... He never does anything new in music, just another r'n'r band.

I wanna more If The World, Oh My God and Silkoworms instead Ballad of Death and other Sixx Am songs...

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Axl Rose once said, words to the effect of, they (the fans) are not ready for Silk Worms.

Chinese Democracy represents transgression in a new direction (away from AFD / UYI) that could lead to more Silk Worms type material.

Since then, with the current tour, they've opted to add cover songs that include more AC/DC

- which blows the Silk Worms theory skyhigh.

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I like ChiDem, I was surprised hearing different styles & moods. I hope CD II surprises me again.

However, I'm very interested hearing music as such:

I wish Trent had called up Axl to sing on that. Although RIAD is basically a cover of the Immigrant Song.

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Guest NewGNRnOldGNR

"lots more approaches, bit meaner in places and darker in some."

Chinese Democracy to me was a softcore introduction to the new direction of Guns N’ Roses; I want to hear mid-chapter.

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Guest NewGNRnOldGNR

Dj & Bumblefoot are capable of producing an album of significant commercial success. I will like it and so will Spin and RS; but it won’t be a Chinese Democracy in terms of future appreciation.

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