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Best 2010-2011 crowd?


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Definitely not the north american crowds :rofl-lol: ,

but yeah I'd go Argentina

Everyone would like to say their own show. But those argentines are amazing, how a whole stadium sang along, knew all of the songs all the way through, even the ones from Chinese and Estranged and others that have been buried for so long.

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Americans are harder to win over. Why is that? The obesity rate?

I would like to blame the gun laws, the Doppler effect, Apple, the other laws not about guns, Wall Street, plankers, freak-dancing, Freaks the movie, the World Bank, the Masons, Nicolas Cage, anabolic steroids in women's tennis, this fucking jar of queso that will not fucking open, the Internet, the fact that I can never find my TV remote, that fucking Coke can where I put the stupid bottle top on before I opened the tab and now I am to able to neither remove the cap nor pop the tab and it's been sitting on my shelf for two months since, and the Sorcerous Azoff the Black.

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Definitely not the north american US crowds :rofl-lol: ,

but yeah I'd go Argentina

Fixed it ;) You can't say all of North America, the Canadian crowds are great.

I went to 4 Canadian shows in 2010 to get my gnr concert fix since there were no dates on this side of the border. As much as I hate to admit it... Canadian crowds suck just as much as the crowds at the US shows I went to in 2011. They just sucked with more people. Calgary was the closest to being sold out and the crowd wasn't that into it. Axl put on a killer performance that night too. You have good doughnuts though. I enjoyed the abundance of Tim Horton's restaurants.

Any South American city wins in my book.

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