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Better question: why do you teenagers militantly defend a 50 year-old man like it's your religious purpose?

It's kind of creepy. You protect, and defend him like you're his mother.

Say something negative about Slash. Go ahead, and watch me not give a damn. Now watch me say something

negative about Axl. You all act like I just slept with your


Do you not see the collective insanity for what it is?

What's wrong with having a hero? Have you seen the people presently in the public eye? They're sellouts.

Especially the musicians. 90% of them just care about

making money, not quality music. So when somebody like

Axl stands his ground and shows true care about his work,

of course people will defend him. And on the behalf of teenagers, look up Axl's Chicago (I think) rant. He tells the

audience they can be whatever and whoever they want to

be, and nobody can stand in their way, including himself.

That inspires young adults, even if it is kinda cliche to say.

Axl is a true hero. He doesn't play by the "rules". He shows

that there's more than one way of doing things.

Sorry if some of my sentence structure didn't make sense. Haha. It's 3:30 in the morning and I'm about to pass out!

That was the Oklahoma rant, but you're absolutely correct. That rant is the most inspirational thing I've ever heard.

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