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Acid Bath

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Guest Sweet Tooth

Good stuff! My favourite album of the two is When the Kite String Pops as well. Paegan Terrorist Tactics is a great album, don't get me wrong but WtKSP's tracklist is incredible throughout, whereas PGT has a couple of filler songs.

Some highlights from the second album for me would be Paegan Love Song, Bleed Me An Ocean, Graveflower, Dead Gir and Venus Blue. PTC has a lot more mellow songs, some are completely acoustic, which just blew me away. Other songs are comparable to Pantera, which is awesome.

Highlights for the first album, wow... don't even know where to begin! Dr. Seuss is Dead is incredible, check out the Demos: 93 - 96 album by Acid Bath and you won't be disappointed, some demos are better than the album songs. The drumming in Jezebel is awesome, love the way he plays those cymbals! The energy in some songs just puts me through the roof, like Cassie Eats Cockroaches... check it out live:

It's a shame the band broke up after the death of Audie, but it's respectable. I wish they would do a reunion 'cause Audie was a replacement bassist, so they do have another... maybe one day.

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