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Foxy Shazam

Gordon Comstock

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First of all, I think it was Binge and slash that posted about this band some time ago, and I've been a fan since then.

Their new album comes out January 24, entitled "The Church of Rock and Roll".

Here is the single/promo facebook release: I Like It

They draw a lot of comparisons to Queen, and they do sound a bit like them, but they've got their own spin thrown into it too, so give 'em a chance :thumbsup:

Foxy Shazam Presents: The Church of Rock and Roll - New Album Out 1.24.12

1. Welcome to the Church of Rock and Roll

2. I Like It

3. Holy Touch

4. Last Chance at Love

5. Forever Together

6. (It’s) Too Late Baby

7. I Wanna Be Yours

8. Wasted Feelings

9. The Temple

10. The Streets

11. Freedom

Anyone else a fan of this band? If you weren't before, are you gonna give them a listen now? I personally can't wait for this album :D

Some other songs:

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