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I've been a longtime lurker and fan of GNR. I first herd them when i was 13 back in 99. I herd Sweet Child o Mine on the radio and fell in love. thats one of the main reasons I started playing the 6 string. While never a huge fan of Appetite i liked sweet child n My Michelle but thats bout it. I truly fell in love with gnr when I bought UYI One and Two. The epics November Rain, Estranged were what really made me fall in love. The keys and the solos were amazing. Dont cry is also a runner up for me, the grandiose of the albums were what made me a fan . Chinese Democracy however is where the best of both worlds however come into play with my love for them. The rock of Shacklers or the epic of TWAT is truly amazing. The ax work on the album is truly amazing, while I appreciate what the original guns did, the musicianship on CD is truly wondeful. Weather it be Bucket,bumble,robin or huge, or Fortus its all damn fine. I just love how the album has so many fuckin layers on it. Being a music lover and musician and knowing production and mixing the album has so many layers its a wet dream for me.

rock on!

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