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Salt Lake City, UT 12/13


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Who's going, wont be surprised if I am the only one on here. This will be my second GNR show, first was Boise ID 2001 and it was awesome.

*Gunsguy edit*


Dexter Intro

Chinese Democracy

Welcome To The Jungle

It's So Easy

Mr. Brownstone


Shackler's Revenge


Rocket Queen

Fortus Guitar Solo

Live and Let Die

This I Love

Sonic Reducer

Dizzy Reed Piano Solo

Street Of Dreams

You Could Be Mine

DJ Ashba Guitar Solo

Sweet Child O' Mine

Instrumental Jam

Axl Rose Piano Solo

November Rain

Bumblefoot Guitar Solo

Don't Cry

Whole Lotta Rosie @With[Zakk Wylde]

Civil War

Knockin' On Heaven's Door


Instrumental Jam



Riff Raff

Instrumental Jam


Instrumental Jam

Paradise City

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Haha, Salt Lake City is my second GNR show as well, first was in Boise in 2002.. I'm actually about to leave to drive down to Salt Lake right now.. I'm also going to the Seattle show. I'm sure the the setlist will be taken care of by someone, I'll give my review after the show, here's a hint, my review will be positive, not that it means anything.

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I wonder if kids there are going to do crazy stupid shit like drinking coffee and wearing regular underwear.

How positively SCANDALOUS :shocked:

I can only surmise there will be no breast-flashers?

They will probably flash their ankles or something. The really daring ones will flash their navels which will imply she didn't put on her magic full body underwear that night. Or wore one layer of clothing.

Of course like 40% of Utah is non mormon so there's a slim chance you will get a girl who will flash her tits.

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Here, in Argentina, Mormons came a few years ago trying to "save our souls". I've listened to them, every single time they came (13 weeks) but never heard about multiple wives... anyway, i'm atheist.

The mormons believe in an Angel named "moroni" who cajoled Joseph Smith into finding some gold tables,with instructions.When people wanted to see these tablets,they disappeared *poof* :rolleyes:

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Mormon's don't practice polygamy, haven't for like 100+ years. The ones that do (see: Warren Jeffs) are publically ex-communcated/disowned, and ostracized from the church. So much hate and disrespect towards mormons...I really have never understood this. They're such good people, why they get publically ridiculed so often is beyond my comprehension.

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