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Salt Lake City, UT 12/13


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I really want to know what to do about this.

Would Axl laugh, would he scold those that prevented my experience from being fruitful? Would he scold me?

I dont care... I live with the major regret, not Axl. Although, having him that close for the short time - felt magnificent. An idol before you... quite exciting. I know Axl doesnt like to be idolised... or so he says. Sure was neat for the 30 mins I got. The friends keep telling me to revel in that... no. I wanted to hear my favorite songs and worship this incarnation of the band. I wanted to hear Chinese D. live...

I didnt get that. Put it in my list of 1/5 things that make me want to end myself this year. And theres one more day... maybe I will.

Children are starving to death around the world and you're upset over getting kicked out of a concert.

Tough shit. Learn to deal.

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