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the surprise was obviously the livestream

The Catcher in the Rye

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From what I was reading in the main thread it seems like most people were just joking around. I especially liked the trollface with DJ's hat on. :lol:

Hell, it was a pretty good marketing ploy. He made people on the east coast stay up until 5:00 am because of these apparent surprises, with most not realizing that what they were watching was in fact, the surprise. ;)

On a serious note, while it would have been awesome to get a pro-shot of There Was A Time or Catcher or something, I'll be just as happy with a pro-shot of Shackler's! It's awesome in general that the band is doing this kind of stuff. I didn't stay up to watch but I'm looking forward to the videos and will probably do the one on the 30th.

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