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Somebody know Guns n Roses price!!!


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I read on this and httgth forum that some people discusing about "how gnr lost money " on this tour.I'm a little bit involved in music business and i know that it's not true...

As we know almost every band od performer have a strict price for each show,and it don't depend of ticket selling.I knew GNr price for Euro leg in 2010 was about 200000$ per show(Belgrade arena paid 200000$,but with 15k tickets sold,they have a great sucess with GNR).

So in business thing band don't have preasure for ticket selling.Organizators have.

Somebody know what is the price for American leg of tour?

We all know gnr got 1 milion bucks for Rir.

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Axl said no one was getting paid due to the settlement with Azoff, so maybe they're losing the money to him?

Axl's still getting paid off the merchandising, the band's still getting paid, it's just the actual tickets he won't be seeing a dime from. I think the VIP tix and the streaming video were the only other things he saw any money from.

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