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i caaaant waaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt! my gf give me this as my birthday present (jan2) ... i cant believe it :D! my heart its pumping like crazy! reminds me when i saw them live twice few months ago! :xmassrudolph:

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:question: Created a paypal acct but as there is no money in it & won't be for a few days I can't pay to watch :no:

you have to set it up with your credit card so it's done instantly

Yes it'll take it straight from your bank account if you don't have enough in your PayPal.

well, if you set up your CC, it charges it to your CC instantly

I don't have any credit cards, too late to get one now.

sure is a lot of terrorist's hangin out in here



Too funny :rofl-lol: I don't have any debit/credit cards, only my bank ATM card & my computer doesn't allow me to slot money through it so if I can't pay cash I don't have the goods. Maybe paypal will help me out in future shows if they keep streaming.

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