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Great performances by great bands/artists


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Guest Len B'stard

That was fucking fantastic :):):) Only person i've heard do Little Wing better is the boy that wrote it...and i've heard a fair few have a go at it.

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Just got tickets to see them when they come to Denmark later this year. Simply can't wait...


Two of my favorite songs from them. Even the fact that Brown can't stay in tune just adds to the greatness of it all. :D And he sounds much better than on many other live recordings out there...

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Back in the day when they were still insane live, not a knock against them today but they're a bit more by the numbers than at this point in their live career.

Another phenomenal live band, one of the best the UK has produced in the last few decades.

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Guest Len B'stard

GGs a legend :lol: Or was a legend.

I once saw this interview with him on some TV-show and he had some totally brainwashed teen with him. I thought it was disgusting. His music also isn't up to par with his 'legendary' status imo.

Oh he's a complete fucking dickhead weirdo deviant fucking freak but...i dunno, there's an appeal there, don't ask me to name it. And yeah, i've seen that teen thing that you're talking about but, look, it's easy to say GG brainwashed her but i think it's a load of shit, people like to believe that these big like, puppet masters brainwash people because it's easier than having to consider the notion that there are a lot more sick fucks on this planet than you give it credit for, i don't think she was particularly brainwashed, i just think she was as weird a fuck as GG was and, y'know, birds of a feather flock together.

And you're right, his music is fucking dreadful. I find it funny more than anything. "Expose Yourself to Kids", i mean...there's just no possible way to excuse or justify it, it's hilarious. And, although most people don't wanna like, admit this, he did have a pretty good punk rock snarl to him before years of drugs and Jim Beam fucked what little of a voice he had right up, ecoute:


Kinda good, no? :D

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