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Obscure Songs by Your Favorite Artists

Guest Len B'stard

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it's several decades removed from their heyday, and long since the Mk II lineup set the world on fire with Smoke On The Water. But dammit, I love this song that nobody knows. The Aviator:


That's actually the one Deep Purple song I like. I've never liked the band but I've been into that song since I was a kid.

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Guest Len B'stard

Although there really ain't such a thing as an obscure Nirvana song anymore as i'm fairly certain that most of what they've recorded is out there now i find myself or have found myself for the last few years actually only really listening to the Nirvana songs from With the Lights Out like Oh the Guilt and Here She Comes Now and Hung Him On A Cross and Return of the Rat and Curmudgeon and all of them.

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Darling of the Underground Press by Black Crowes.

Saw them bust that bad boy out live in Philly back in '07.

Killer song.

It was the b side to single that came in a giant metal tin. Total overkill but it's awesome song, the viciousness. It could have been on In Utero.

Return of the Rat by Nirvana.

Genetic - Sonic Youth


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man of the hour by pear jam

once a rocker by the joe perry project

someplace else by george harrison

lucifer sam by pink floyd

the morning son by beady eye

the supernatural by john mayall's bluesbreakers

thunderbird by quiet riot

boot camp by soundgarden

one more cup of coffee by the white stripes

the title track from the world needs a hero by megadeth

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